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The Oliver Herbrich Children's Fund Foundation

The foundation’s goal is to part­ner and de­ve­lop pro­jects that bene­fit chil­dren and young adults. To pro­mote these ob­jec­tives, we col­labo­rate with ex­perienc­ed local part­ners to lever­age ex­isting struc­tures and ex­per­tise. Proj­ects are ex­clusive­ly co­fun­ded to en­sure our part­ner’s com­mit­ment.


The projects financed should be new and (as far as pos­sible) not yet started. The em­bedd­ing of pro­jects with­in estab­lish­ed struc­tures is also desir­able.


At the beginning and end of each pro­ject, we focus on eva­lua­ting the pro­ject’s goals and sustain­ability.

Current projects
Street children in Kinshasa

In Kinshasa street children are regarded with contempt and only reluctantly tolerated. The police often mistreat them under the false pretence of fighting crime. In response to this discrimination, the children organise themselves into gangs.

Microcredit Mali.jpg

Microcredits enable young wo­men to be­come self-re­li­ant and in­de­pen­dent.


That is why we are laun­ching a micro­credit pro­gramme in Mali for one hun­dred and fifty aspiring women entre­pre­neurs.

School construction Ugnada

In Uganda, the median age of the population is 16 years old. Population growth is intensified by inadequate schooling. It is a fact that women with little education have significantly more children. This sets the future path for the entire life of a child.

Anker Aktuell
Stiftung, Oliver, Herbrich, Kinderfonds, Children's Fund, Foundation
Mission statement

Children are the bearer of hope for every society. They represent the ideal of a better future particularly in places in which it is nearly impossible to improve living conditions.


Although no-one chooses the place where he or she is born, everyone should be given the chance of a hopeful future.


Children and young people in particular deserve this chance.


(Preamble of our charter)





Year Established
Projects Completed
Ongoing Projects


If you are planning a project and interested in a cooperation, please find out more about our funding guidelines right here.



Stiftung, Oliver, Herbrich, Kinderfonds, Children's Fund, Foundation

You can donate to our general fund or offer support to a specific current or upcoming project.

We are also happy to receive any proposals for new and suitable projects which you would like to support with your donation. Please contact us in advance.

Your donation is tax-deductible. Please include your address so that we can send you a receipt.

Our bank account details are as follows:


IBAN DE08 5003 1000 1048 2190 00

BIC   TRODDEF1 (Triodos Bank)

By credit card or

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The Oliver Herbrich Children's Fund is a legally acknowledged foundation under the supervision of the Bavarian government.


It has been recognised as a non-profit organisation in a notice of exemption issued by the tax authorities on 27 January 2022. All financial statements are prepared by a public accountant.


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