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In Cambodia, blind people can only do low-wage labor. They have no oppor­tunity for voca­tion­al train­ing. Employers can­not imagine how a blind per­son is able to work at all. Blind people there­fore have few oppor­tunities to de­mons­trate their skills.

"Discover your possibilities" (DYP) strives to im
­prove the lives of young visua­lly im­paired peo­ple by tea­ching them prac­tical life skills. In 2022, a va­cant hotel in the city of Siem Reap was ren­­ted and trans­formed into a lear­ning center. Due to its vicin­ity to the tem­ples of Ang­kor Wat, the Lear­ning Center is in a loca­tion well-fre­quen­ted by tourists.

In 2024, the instal
­lation of a ba­kery has been pro­po­sed. Along with a pro­fes­sional coffee and be­ver­age shop, the bakery will ser­ve as the first vo­ca­tional trai­ning faci­lity for the blind. A trai­ning re­gimen for the 12 DYP stu­dents will re­quire 16 hours per week. In ad­dition, 12 stu­dents from the Spe­cial Edu­ca­tion High School will par­tici­pate. 20 sighted stu­dents will sup­port the blind stu­dents during the week­ends. This col­labo­ra­tion will fa­cil­itate work­place in­ter­action with sighted people.

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