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OKOA SASA is an NGO that was founded in 2007 by Grace Odembo in Mombasa.­­ In 2013, it opened a shelter for sexually abused children and under-age mothers.­­­­­


According to UNICEF, 10 to 15,000 children in and around Mombasa are forced to engage in prostitution.­­ Growing impoverishment is forcing parents to sell their children.­­­ Child prostitution is a direct reflection of the growing misery.­­­

In 2018, the project that we are funding together with SOLWODI Germany e.V. will be freeing 15 girls from forced prostitution and rehabilitating them.­­­­­­ To this end, the young girls will be taken to the shelter, where they will undergo three-month psychotherapy followed by competence training and group therapy.­­­­­ For this OKO SASA will be using the self-help group approach.­ In joint meetings and training, the girls will develop mutual relations and benefit from each other.­­­­­­­ As soon as they are stable enough (after 8 to 10 months), they will be assisted in their efforts to develop small business start-ups or placed in schools.

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