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850.000 refugees arrived in Germany in 2015 alone. Many of these are students who could quickly find jobs as specialists if only their degrees were recognised. Yet, it takes many years before they are allowed to study.


"Kiron Higher Education", a student project from Berlin, is seeking to remedy this problem by offering online courses in English. Established operators such as the Hasso Plattner Institute, Macromedia and iversity are providing academic content in five fields of study and examining the students.


After the completion of the two-year preliminary studies, Kiron arranges placements of the students at partner universities. These universities accept the acquired grades and confer on the students a bachelor's degree after they have completed their third year of studies.


The Foundation has funded four three-year scholarships. "Our" female students come Gambia and Syria, the male students are from Syria and Iran. Kiron accepts the students even if their residence status has not yet been finalised. In this case, they have two years to submit the missing documents.

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