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"The Houses of Hope" have been supporting the Jigiya Bon girls' centre in Bamako for many years. 40 girls live there, successfully attending public schools. However, after they leave school, they do not have any opportunities for further education.


This is why we funded the development of a tailor workshop in 2012. An expert was sent out to Bamako from Munich for three months to equip the workshop, which is located inside the boarding school, and to train a local teacher. At the same time, tuition (also available to girls from the neighbourhood) was commenced.


In the second year of the project (2013), the workshop was placed under the supervision of local staff and the services of Mali fashion designer Mimi Konaté obtained. She worked with the girls, helping them to create their own collection. Frequent power cuts make working difficult. Nevertheless the textiles produced in Yigia Bon exceed in terms of craftsmanship, creativity and high standard.

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