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 "AEPN Mauretania Aid" cares for orphans in the coastal towns of Nouakchoot and Nouadhibou. Funds are raised by means of a semi-annual "Dust and Diesel Rally", at the end of which the cars are sold in Mauritania, with the proceeds used to help the orphans.


Previously, rooms had been rented for the children. With our support, however, it was possible to have an orphanage built in Nouadhibou by local construction companies. The association had already bought the property. Commenced in 2012, the construction work was delayed but the building was finally ready for use at the beginning of 2014.


With a floor area of 320, the new home offers recreation and utility rooms as well as sanitary facilities on the ground floor and four dormitories, which are used as classrooms during the day, on the first floor. Oliver Herbirch Children's Fund was the first sponsor, paving the way for further investors to be gained.


The building can be extended in the future with the addition of another floor.

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