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Working together with the Italian charity "Amurt onlus", we made an exception to our usual policy by providing the final funding for a construction project which would otherwise have failed.


In the region close to the border between Thailand and Myanmar, the Italian Donata Dolci had established the Baan Unrak children's village in 1991. This village cares for 140 boys and girls from the jungle region. These children no longer have any families or have been expelled by them. As forced labourers and Burmese refugees, they have no rights.


The children’s village by all means wanted to build a dining hall in-between the boys and girls dormitories, to serve the meals in, to protect from the monsoon rain and to provide a space for gatherings, theatrical performances and therapy sessions.


The building is constructed in an open manner without any sidewalls, since many of the children who are cared for are traumatised and come from the jungles, meaning that they are not used to living in enclosed spaces.

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