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In the community of Ankililoaka (Madagascar) the Salesians of Don Bosco run 13 primary schools for about 2,000 pupils in the jungle as well as the Collège Victoire Rasoamanarivo secondary school. Three years of secondary school and two years of upper secondary school are provided. Practically all of the 723 pupils come from the „jungle schools“. Since they are taught in the Malagasy language, they have little knowledge of French.


The lessons at the Collège follow the national curriculum. The Salesians now want to include computer science and IT in the curriculum. Media education is organised as an interdisciplinary supplementary subject. But also in language teaching, the computer contributes to the quality of teaching and the motivation of the students with up-to-date reading material. With the diploma, the collegue graduates receive a certificate of digital media training which is a prerequisite for university studies.


Media literacy is a key competence for lifelong learning. For this reason, the Children’s Fund is supporting the establishment of the computer lab in 2020.

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