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Help Liberia – Kpon Ma  has been operating two jungle clinics in the remote towns of Mawah and Yarbayah beyond Monrovia (Liberia) since 2009. These are the only health resources available to the local population. Patients come here from far away for treatment and to receive medicine. Malaria is an omnipresent threat in the gigantic rain forests with thousands of watercourses. Every fifth child dies before turning five. Women die during childbirth due to hemorrhaging or insufficient hygiene.


The health care system was additionally weakened with the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic in 2014. There is little hope even for people suffering from simple ailments or diseases. Under these circumstances, they cannot expect to live beyond the age of 41 to 44.


Starting in 2017, our foundation is funding the three-year traineeship of a clinic employee who wishes to become an examined midwife. This is also necessary for the continued operation of the jungle clinic as the government requirements which medical staff must satisfy have risen now that the Ebola crisis has been overcome.

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