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Funding guidelines

Basis of cooperation with the Oliver Herbrich Children’s Fund:


  • Funding for international de­velop­ment co­op­er­a­tion tar­get­ed at aid for chil­dren and young pe­ople (in­clu­ding young adults un­der 26 years of age).


  • Support for a new (plann­ed, as yet un­realis­ed) pro­ject with a maxi­mum con­tr­ibu­tion of US $ 10,000.


  • Autonomus realis­ation of the pro­ject by an ex­pe­rien­ced and com­mitted non pro­fit orga­ni­sa­tion/NGO ba­sed in Europe but active locally and wor­king in­de­pen­dently.


  • The project executing or­ga­nis­at­ion pro­vides or col­lects addi­tional fun­ding/re­sour­ces for exe­cu­ting the pro­ject (pro­ject not com­menc­ed un­til the fin­al fin­an­cial con­tri­bu­tion has been gran­ted).


  • Funding paid out in in­stal­ments on a m­il­e­stone basis and sub­ject to sub­miss­ion of a via­ble bud­get and fun­ding plan.

  • Sustainability of the pro­ject en­sur­ed by in­te­gra­ting exis­ting lo­cal struc­tures (par­tner or­ga­nis­ation).

  • Evaluation and quali­ty ma­na­ge­me­nt be­fore/du­ring/after ex­ecu­tion of the pro­ject, on­go­ing do­cu­men­tat­ion with fi­nal re­port.


  • A successfully com­plet­ed pro­ject should be self-sus­tain­ing (i.e. not re­quire per­ma­nent ex­ter­nal fun­ding) in the fu­ture.


Quality manage­ment and sus­taina­bil­ity are eq­ually as im­por­tant to us as fun­ding. You can there­fore find the fin­al re­port from a suc­cess­ful­ly com­plet­ed fun­ding pro­ject below.


If a project fails in part, this is re­grett­ab­le but with the fun­ding cap of $10,000 it is still ac­cept­ab­le as our suc­cess­ful pro­jects com­pen­sate for any pro­ject short­com­ings.


By means of our fun­ding cap we are also able to fund ex­peri­men­tal ap­proa­ches and in­nova­tive pro­jects off the beaten track.

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