Funding guidelines

Basis of cooperation with the Oliver Herbrich Children’s Fund:


  • Funding for international development cooperation targeted at aid for children and young people (including young adults under 26 years of age).


  • Support for a new (planned, as yet unrealised) project with a maximum contribution of US $ 10,000.


  • Autonomus realisation of the project by an experienced and committed non profit organisation/NGO based in Europe but active locally and working independently.


  • The project executing organisation provides or collects additional funding/resources for executing the project (project not commenced until the final financial contribution has been granted).


  • Funding paid out in instalments on a milestone basis and subject to submission of a viable budget and funding plan.


  • Sustainability of the project ensured by integrating existing local structures (partner organisation).


  • Evaluation and quality management before/during/after execution of the project, ongoing documentation with final report.


  • A successfully completed project should be self-sustaining (i.e. not require permanent external funding) in the future.


Quality management and sustainability are equally as important to us as funding. You can therefore find the final report from a successfully completed funding project below.


If a project fails in part, this is regrettable but with the funding cap of $10,000 it is still acceptable as our successful projects compensate for any project shortcomings.


By means of our funding cap we are also able to fund experimental approaches and innovative projects off the beaten track.