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Doctors for Madagascar" was founded in 2011 in Leipzig by medical professionals who had ex­per­ien­ced the poor conditions of the Madagascan health system but were simultaneously greatly impressed by the dedication of the local medical staff. The main purpose is to provide free treatment for the needy (particularly children and pregnant women) and to offer additional training. At the same time, six hos­pitals in southern Madagascar are supported.


In 2017, the Foundation is co-financing the translation of the standard textbook for health workers  "Where There Is No Doctor" into the local language.


The book has been written in an easy to understand language with the help of community-oriented health workers  and medical specialists from all around the world and features pictograms on many of the 450 pages. It is an immense help for trainee and ex­per­ienced first-aiders and midwives and can save the lives of the newborn and their mothers.


At the same time, it makes a text book available in the national language which will serve as source of re­fer­ence for many years.

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