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The "Tamat" association has been helping the nomadic Tuareg people in Mali to build and maintain schools since 2004. This was soon supplemented with projects for securing water and nutrition supplies. 


Initial collaboration commenced in 2011, when we provided a 3-year scholarships for a young Tuareg girl. She successfully completed her training to become a midwife with the support of the German Humedica Hospital in Kollo (Niger).


During the course of this project the security situation in Mali changed drastically, so much that Tamat relocated the focus of their funding to Niger.


Our second partnership was another multi-year education project. Since 2015 we have been supporting the education and training of four young women from the Sahel zone to become primary school teachers.


In this way, young women in particular can learn a trade. As a result, they will be able to make a valuable contribution in the future to midwifery and alphabetisation efforts. Everything within the purpose of "empowering people to help themselves" to which Tamat is devoted.

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