At 21%, Ghana has one of the highest rates of child marriage. In the region addressed by the project, every fourth girl under 18 is married. Related to this are sexual grooming, child pregnancies and the early termination of schooling. Less than a third of the population is literate, with women accounting for only 37% of this number.


People in the northern region have few opportunites to find out about issues of regional relevance. Therefore Kinderrechte Afrika e.V. will set up a radio station in Gushegu and broadcast a 16-hour programme in local languages every day together with its partner PAORPVWC. Using a mobile transmitter system, ”outreach” reports are also produced in areas that are difficult to access, giving the local population a chance to be heard. The aim is also to attract media representatives who will cooperate with the radio station and support the production of reports.


In addition, teachers work with children to develop plays, sketches and songs. After intensive rehearsals, they are performed on a larger scale (e.g. Durbar festivals) at meeting places to raise awareness among the the population to respect children’s rights.