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We have enjoyed a successful partnership with the “Doctors for Madagascar” (DfM) charity since 2017. DfM operates the only hospital in the town of Fotadrevo. As Fotadrevo has only one primary school, education for the local children often ends after year six. Very few families have the means to pay for the accommodation, food and transport needed if their children were to continue their education at a school remote from home.


To help these children stay at school, DfM renovated two run-down buildings in 2017, creating  five class­rooms for 300 students. As the number of students will rise to 450 in the 2018/19 school year, a further school building and additional teachers were required.

With our assistance, this building has now been constructed in record time. The local government supplied the land and classroom furniture, while the education ministry will provide the new teachers. The goal is to raise education levels – enabling the children to complete vocational training or study at university – and thus mitigate the lack of skilled professionals in the underdeveloped south of Madagascar.

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