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The HI-BOLIVIA foundation has been implementing the sucessfull  “One-Dollar-Glasses” campaign in Bolivia since 2013, helping to improve the vision of the inhabitants of the slum quarters in Santa Cruz. However, the indigenous population frequently lives in far remote regions. School children with poor eyesight are considered to be "stupid" even though their only problem is that they cannot see the blackboard clearly.

With the support of “One-Dollar-Glasses Switzerland“ and our foundation, an expedition of optometrists and three “Weltwärts” volunteers are visiting village schools in the remote Andean valleys. With the all-terrain “Unidad optica movil” they will be able to perform professional examinations in the remote locations of the Altiplano.


The vehicle is equipped with 1,500 spectacle frames and 4,000 lenses of different diopters. 1,150 young people with poor eyesight (equivalent to 70% of those 1,750 tested) will receive spectacles thanks to the “Acción lentes al instante” ("Glasses now initiative"). As a result, they will be able to see and read properly for the first time in their lives.

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